A Lead purchasing marketplace provider

Vertical-agnostic lead purchasing and management platform to replace a legacy platform. Designed to use Force.com as a multi-tenant environment, platform clients have access to a variety of tools and analytics for purchasing leads, tracking their vendors, evaluating quality and other metrics, and contacting/curating Leads. Real-time analytics that can be heavily customized to slice and dice raw data for integration in actual business decisions. Sophisticated rules engine to specify Lead format and content criteria and reject vendor-submitted Leads failing criteria. Built-in one-click CTI for contacting Leads, activity tracking, per-customer customizable Lead status tracking. Third party real-time export of Lead information via email or HTTP.

A used processing, packaging, and laboratory equipment reseller

Sophisticated inventory management system allowing employees to list products and attach images with a drag and drop interface as they inventory a new shipment. Use of a Salesforce Site/Community to expose listed equipment ready for sale directly to customers in a public-facing, custom website. Stored all original images and thumbnails on Amazon cloud to keep data costs low, integrated with Product records and public website. Tracked customer inquiries and interest and created relationships to individual products.