In business since 2003, KapuHonu has grown from an exclusive focus on website design and construction to a full-fledged enterprise level consultant on end-to-end technology architectures for systems small and large. We specialize in building complete applications in the cloud with no on-premise infrastructure required. We have especially deep experience with Salesforce and the Force.com platform, with every member of our team holding at least one Salesforce certification and some as many as nineteen. We deliberately keep our team small to foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie that translates into strong client relationships.

Our current clients are disparate in geography, size, and ambition but share one thing in common: they are well taken care of. We pride ourselves on our communication skills just as much as our deep technical chops. It is not unusual for us to be hired simply to help distill complex ideas and systems into manageable blocks that can be discussed by technical and non-technical folks alike. We have developed a reputation not only for being very good at what we do but also for our deep integrity, openness, and honesty. We choose our clients as much as they choose us.

We’re straight shooters who solve hard problems. We are designers, developers, educators, and technologists. Collectively, we’ve lived in four countries and twenty six cities. We’ve helped reinvent the ice industry in Africa, taught sailing lessons, traveled the world in trains, planes, and automobiles, and performed onstage for hundreds of people, to name just a few. You could say we’re unique.