Our Services

We use technology to build tools and systems that solve real business problems. As much as we love tech, it's not useful if people can't understand it or it doesn't help them.

Web Development

We have extensive experience building clean, beautiful websites. We specialize in content management systems (ex: Wordpress, ExpressionEngine), mobile-friendly responsive design, and third-party integrations.


Leverage the power of the data cloud via Salesforce.com. Kapuhonu is well-credentialed and knows the platform inside and out.

Application Design

We've helped reinvent the ice industry in Africa, controlled machines around the world in realtime, and augmented lead acquisition in higher education all through custom web applications and hardware.


As many things in the web world have gotten simpler and easier, your options and the connections between systems have explosively multiplied. Lean on us to guide you in getting the most value out of your connected systems.

Tell us how we can help you.

Our Manifesto

  1. Work with pride and do what we love
  2. Do amazing work; make people happy
  3. Keep learning—remain teachable; retrospect and improve
  4. Be honest and transparent
  5. Grow a company that feels like family, where every member feels empowered
  6. Have a positive impact on the world

How We Do It

Overhead and inefficiency bloat project costs and make us sad. We continually look for ways to trim down and streamline our process, and collaborate effectively with clients and other team members.

We are big fans of Agile methodologies, and we use a mix of Scrum and Kanban to manage our workflow. Our team uses JIRA to track projects and Slack to talk about them. Honesty and transparency are core to our business mission.

Our Clients

We have the chops and savvy to operate in the enterprise space, but the demeanor and humility to be approachable to small businesses and individuals. Our clients are disparate in geography, size, and ambition but share one thing in common: they are well taken care of.

Much of our work is white-label for other groups and firms. It's not unusual for us to be brought in to architect and run large projects that need a steady hand on the tiller.

Clients hire us for more than just building systems and sites. We're frequently engaged to:

  • Consult on existing projects to help identify risks, gotchas, and design weaknesses
  • Rescue troubled projects that are floundering and at risk of failure
  • Bridge the gap between technical and non-technical teams to help facilitate clear communication
  • Lead a complex or difficult project and its team
  • Integrate smoothly into existing teams to support and catalyze them with our energy and expertise
Our Portfolio