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About KapuHonu

KapuHonu is a young, premium Web Development house based outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our team is dedicated to creating great looking, functional websites and applications while delivering outstanding client support. We love working closely with our clients and are passionate about turning your business requirements into a successful web-based project.

Picture your typical super-geek. Thick glasses, pocket protector, impossible to understand. We love our super-geeks, but for your sake we keep them in the back room. We pride ourselves on excellent and straightforward communication; this isn't a smoke and mirrors show. We're direct and honest, and we'll speak in plain English. Unless, of course, you want to geek out, because we love a good geek-out. Don't even get us started on code elegance or clean design.

With a wide skill set, KapuHonu is geared toward handling complex, data driven systems. We like projects of all sizes, but differ ourselves from your average Web Development company with our work in architecture problem solving. Our goal is to get things right for you the first time. We don't claim to be the cheapest, we won't tell you it will be done yesterday. What we do strive for is 100% requirement satisfaction in a realistic time frame. We are successful through our clients' success.

If we sound like the right fit for your project, please feel free to get in touch!

Design                >

Let us provide in depth analysis of business requirements to find the fastest, cleanest design for your system or website. We will work with you closely to clearly define project scope, and deliverables.

Develop                >

We have experience in multiple programming languages such as Java, C, PHP and Javascript but to name a few. Our developers are able to work with platforms and technologies that best solve your problem.


A fully functional system is one that has been thoroughly tested. After we have finished creating your product, it gets put through the ringer to ensure that your codebase is stable and reliable.

We are Agile!

KapuHonu practices SCRUM, an Agile work methodology. This means that we work in short "sprints" that help us constantly evaluate our progression towards your goals. The whole process is transparent to you. As it suggests, Agile lets small teams such as ourselves be very flexible in how we work, which enables you to change priorities and requirements quickly. SCRUM puts the control of the value stream back in the hands of you, the client. It allows us to deliver products more quickly and efficiently. Learn more at the SCRUM website, here.